Violin Lessons

Violin Lessons

Now Offering Violin Lessons!

Most will agree that the violin is an instrument that embodies grace and beauty. Learning to play it enhances the life of the musician in countless ways. The various colors of sound produced from the violin by an artful violinist adds loveliness to our world and often evokes a multitude of sentiment for both the player and the listener.

You may have heard that learning to play the violin well comes with some unique challenges and intricate technique. Even so, it is a skill that can be enjoyed and achieved by learners of all ages with the guidance of a good teacher, patience, and mindful practice. At USML we have experienced and patient violin teachers that are passionate about teaching and playing the violin. Our staff violin teachers employ similar philosophies with their teaching methods and materials and frequently collaborate with each other to build upon and maintain an exceptional violin program customized for each individual student. The violin learning program at USML includes practical technique, a wide variety of repertoire, level and age appropriate theory and ear training. We also offer opportunities for our dedicated violin students to become involved in the statewide MTAC Certificate of Merit program.

Here are just a few of the testimonies from parents of our violin students:

 *   “You bring out the best in our son. You are a great teacher, very dedicated.” SK

 *   “Your encouragement and patience helps and motivates him to excel. You correct him with a smile and positive words.” UK
 *   “Thank you so much for your teachings. We appreciate your dedication and guidance.” VG
Contact us today and find out why our clients are ecstatic about the violin program at USML. You will be happy you did.

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Weekly 30 minute private lessons = $144 per month

Weekly 45 minute lessons = $202 per month ( recommended for intermediate and adult players)

Weekly 60 minute lessons = $272 per month ( For students who desire to accelerate their
learning or enter a music college)

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