Terms and Conditions


Welcome to our little musical family! Our mission here is to provide a creative, fun, interactive music program for your child that they will love to be a part of. Teaching music is our full time mission, and we strive to make every lesson a positive, valuable experience for our students. Through our community of musicians your child will not only learn to be a musician, but also create valuable friendships and awesome memories! What   to   expect   from   us   : From us, expect effective teaching, a positive, clean learning environment, unique learning tools and an awesome support staff. We know from experience that a music student makes their most growth through interacting with other musicians, that’s why we encourage all of our students to take part in our various group programs and performances throughout the year. We use a unique approach that combines the teaching of vital music fundamentals while using songs that appeal to the student’s own musical interests. We also guide our students to explore different music styles so that they can discover new musical tastes. If you need help purchasing an instrument for your child, please let us know, we are happy to help you make the right choice when choosing an instrument. Tuition All tuition payments are due on the first of the month and will be auto billed on a credit/debit card, or ACH from your checking account. The payment pays for the month in advance. A registration fee of $30 is required at time of enrollment.
Billing is set up on auto-debit from either a debit/ credit card or checking account at the first of every month. Monthly rate is a flat monthly rate, regardless of the amount of lessons taken in a month. Some months will have 5 days, some 4, and sometimes 3 depending on our 4 vacation weeks throughout the year. Vacation schedule is found below, or in our calendar on our website. April- 11-17 ( Spring break ) July 4th-10th ( Summer break) November 21-27 ( Thanksgiving break ) December 25- Jan 1st ( Xmas/ holiday break) Rates Weekly 30 minute lessons= $144 per month (Average of 4 lessons at $36 per lesson) Weekly 45 minute lessons= $204 per month (Average of 4 lessons at $51 per lesson ) Weekly 60 minute lessons= $275 per month (Average of 4 lessons at $68.50 per lesson ) Attendance and cancellation When you sign up for lessons with us you are reserving a dedicated time, teacher and room each week. If your child is not able to make a lesson, must notify us 24 prior to the lesson in writing or by calling our office. If your child is sick or you can’t get them to the lesson in time, we can do a Zoom lesson. Students receive one excused absence per quarter. An excused absence is one that has been arranged 24 hours or more in advance. No make ups or refunds for lessons without proper notification. Requesting a new lesson day and time We understand that schedules can change over the course of the year, and we do offer you that ability to do that on a long term basis. Example : Johnny has been taking lessons on Saturday, but now he has soccer games on Saturday. You can move your day and time to a different day for the soccer season. Your teacher may not be available on that day, but we can move you to a different time and day and teacher if necessary, or a different time, day and the same teacher if possible.
Withdrawing from lessons
At U.S. Music Lessons, your enrollment is month by month, we do not require long term contracts, although we would love to have you as a student as long as you are on your musical path! If you do feel the need to withdraw, please go the website and fill out the cancellation form. We ask that you complete that by the 25th of the month prior to the month you wish to stop lessons. We don’t pro rate lessons at time of withdrawal. If you turn in your withdrawal form after the 25th, you will be charged for your last full month whether you attend the lessons or not. We do not refund tuition for lessons not taken. Studio closures Since we run on a 48 week calendar, we build in 4 vacation weeks throughout the year. We will be closed the week of Xmas, Thanksgiving, spring break based on Poway Unified’s school calendar and the week of 4th of July. No make ups will be required for those weeks and no lessons will be taught at the school at that time. Open door policy U.S. Music Lessons has an open door policy, which means that parents are allowed to sit in on lessons if they choose. We also have security cameras in our rooms and large observation windows in all of our teaching rooms. Illnesses If you are sick, please do not come to the lesson ! We will gladly arrange a virtual lesson so you don’t have to miss it. Freezing, holding lesson for vacations, long term absences You may decide you want to hold your spot if you are leaving for 30 days or longer. You can do so by paying your regular tuition. Your teacher and spot will be held until you return. If you opt to withdraw then your teacher and spot may not be available when you return. You would also have to re-register when you return. Initial Books and materials All costs for books and materials are the student’s responsibility.
Waiting room for parents and siblings
Our waiting room is for our students, their parents and siblings. Please feel free to stay during your child’s lessons. You can also drop your children off for their lessons. We require them to stay inside until you pick them up.
Lesson expectations
●Students must be on time for their lessons. We may not be able to provide the full lesson time if students are late.
●If the teacher is absent, a sub will be provided. We require our teachers to provide notes to the sub teacher in this event to make sure our students progress is ensured.
●Students should bring their notebooks/ music folders with them to every lesson.
●Students are encouraged to practice regularly each week to keep the lessons moving forward
●If a student misses a lesson, you simply sign up for one of our makeup classes. You can find the schedule online at usmusiclessons.com.
●If you pay a stringed instrument such as a violin, ukulele or guitar, please have it out of the case and tuned prior to the lesson.
Parent   /   teacher   policy
Please   do   not   solicit    U.S.   Music   Lessons’   teachers   for   lessons   outside   of   U.S. Music   Lessons.   All   U.S.   Music   Lessons’   teachers   are   under   contract   and   may   not offer   lessons   to   U.S.   Music   Lessons’   students   outside   of   U.S.   Music   Lessons. Teachers   who   violate   contract   terms   will   be   terminated.