Join a Rockband TODAY!

Why join a band?

So you’ve been practicing your instrument, learning songs, scales, how to read. What now? Most practicing musicians come to a point where they actually want to do something worthwhile with their skills.


 Our year round band development program “Rock Band Camp” takes you to a whole new level of fun and musicianship. In a band, each player has a unique role and is accountable to his fellow bandmates to show up and be prepared.This puts positive peer pressure on the student to practice. It is a very human thing to want to perform well in a group.


Through the experience of rehearsing, performing, and socializing with one another, all the students in the band form a sense of camaraderie. This is a special bond that only occurs when people join together to accomplish something special. Let’s face it, being in a band is cool!


Imagine how good it would feel to get together with other musicians to preparesome cool songs and then get on stage and nail it! Getting on the stage and performing takes confidence, poise and preparation and those are really the life skills we are teaching our students. The music is secondary in a way, and we use music as a tool to help prepare our students for life through music!


A short audition is required from each student who wants to sign up to make sure they have some musical skills in place before joining. We are looking for players who can play chords, have a good sense of rhythm and can follow simple charts. When you pass the audition, in addition to your weekly private lessons, you will be teamed up with other musicians in the program that have similar tastes in music and start working with them right away to develop material for your show. Each week you will get together in the Jam room for an hour to work out the material with your own gigging professional band

$110 per month

Scheduling and Registration