Cancel Lessons

Cancel Lesson(s) Withdrawal Form

  • To discontinue lessons and to discontinue charges to your account, fill out this withdrawal form before the 25th of your last month. If not received by the 25th of your last month you will be charged for the following month.

  • We do not prorate tuition for the last month’s lessons.

  • Students will be responsible for their last month’s tuition whether or not they attend lessons.

  • Since your billing is based on an average of 4 lessons per month, if your last month of lessons contains 5 lessons, you will receive 4 lessons. If you wish to take the fifth lesson of said month, we will charge for one more individual lesson.

  • Students can schedule for make-up classes held at any time throughout the year if they cannot attend their lessons during their last month.

  • No refunds are given for students missing their last month.

  • No exceptions will be made for moving, relocating, illness, et

***By signing this form, I agree and understand that lessons are month to month, but I must let US Music Lessons know by the 25th of my last month. No exceptions will made for me and no refunds will be given to me for this policy.