April Newsletter

April newsletter 2021

This month, we had some notable accomplishments from 2 of our Violin students. As some of you may know, our Violin expert Hannah Bartley is able to administer the Certificate of Merit testing for the students that desire that type of accreditation. The testing takes place in March and is the culmination of hours of practice and instruction.

It really is a notable accomplishment to step up and accept the challenge!

Our 2 brave students who took and passed the CM tests are Sarah Rathaur and Anagha Ashtewale. Congratulations to both of you for your accomplishments!


Beatles Summer Camp

As parents, many of us know and appreciate the music of Beatles. Their tunes shaped an entire generation of musicians and gave us the soundtracks of many moments in our lives.

Our Beatles Summer camp is geared towards getting kids involved with playing some of the greatest music ever written! Our camp instructors will instruct our campers on how to play a simple medley of Beatles tunes as a group . We will be welcoming, singers, guitarists, drummers, piano players, violins and horn players to join in the fun. This will be a FUN camp first and foremost, we will be have special visitors, games, prizes and other memorable surprises your child will love!

The camp is one week long, Monday through Friday from 9 to 2 pm. A cool T-Shirt will be given the kids to commemorate the event.

We will be holding an outdoor concert to play what we have learned on Friday at the camp’s conclusion

Conductor Aaron Seener will arranging the music and will be assisted by former U.S. Music lessons students who are now pursuing music in college.

  • Camp dates : July 12th-16th, August 2nd to 6th
  • Cost: $350 for the week
  • Ages 8-12

Call the office to pre-enroll today ! Limited spots available 858 451-7265 .

Practice tip of the Month: Slow down!

If a ball was thrown to you, the chances are your hand would instinctively try and catch it. If you’ve done this plenty of times before, it wouldn’t feel like you had to think about catching the ball — you’d just do it. This is because it’s a learned response. Your brain has already linked a recognizable situation (a ball hurtling towards you) to a corresponding response (catching it).

In making sense of this, it’s helpful to imagine your brain made up of both behavioral and perceptive neurons. New patterns are grown in each set of these neurons when recognizable situations and responses are linked. When your brain encounters new situations, it has to create a new perception-and-response behavioral pattern. The more you encounter and use these new neural patterns, the stronger they become. This is a process called myelination; where your nerve cells insulate themselves by producing a fatty protein called myelin. Myelin allows electrical impulses within the nerve cells (in other words, thoughts) to transmit progressively faster and more efficiently.


Myelin is a bit of a double-edged sword, however, because the same process is applied to both good and bad quality inputs. So even when you are not doing something right, myelination can strengthen neural pathways that lead to the formation of bad habits. To help mitigate this, slowing things down in order to overcome mistakes is very important. When practicing music, this can feel very frustrating, when all you want to do is to speed things up and be able to play what you hear in your mind as soon as possible. Like any kind of growth, it’s usually a gradual process, but practicing with this higher degree of precision ensures that you’re growing myelin in the right places.


Artists of the month: Donna Summer

This month’s artist’s spotlight is on Donna Summer . Donna Summer’s career took off in the 70s during the explosion of the disco era. Her soaring vocals, excellent song writing and Dynamic stage performances captivated the world for an entire decade!

Summer earned a total of 42 hit singles on the US Billboard Hot 100 in her lifetime, with 14 of those reaching the top-ten. She claimed a top 40 hit every year between 1975 and 1984, and from her first top-ten hit in 1976, to the end of 1982, she had 12 top-ten hits! Some choice tracks to listen to are, “Last Dance”, “Hot Stuff,” On the Radio and “She works hard for the money”

A fun activity for experiencing Donna’s music ? Go buy a disco ball , hang it from your ceiling, turn off the lights and have a disco dance party in the living room!

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