Alright everyone , It’s time to start preparing for our Summer Recital.

Recitals are a big part of why we learn to play music. All are encouraged
to participate! Talk to your teacher today about what piece you want to

Sign up either by emailing info@usmusiclessons or talking to Edison at the
front desk.

Piano Recital:

Cal State San Marcos

June 22nd 3 to 6:30


Guitar, Ukulele and Drum Recital:

Del Norte High

June 30th 2:30 to 7


Violin and Voice Recital:

Del Norte High

June 29th

2:30 to 7

Recitals will be split into 3 60 minute Acts. Bring your friends and Family. Lets Celebrate our students achievements!

Call 858-451-7265 for more information, and to sign up today!

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